“Over the last 20 years ‘The Stick’ has been a great tool to manipulate the muscle, erasing muscle knots and moving bio-junk to promote healing.”

Olympian Jeff Galloway,Running legend and best selling author

The Professional Division students at Pacific Northwest Ballet would like to thank you for The Stick! Most of us ballet dancers use them often to relieve pain and help us with flexibility in our muscles. Attached is a photo of some of us on stage at Pacific Northwest Ballet’s theatre in Seattle from our end of the year show. Thanks again!

Pacific Northwest Ballet,

"I recommend The Stick for any athlete who is looking to enhance their performance, it is a great tool that promotes recovery, prevents injury, and allows the athlete to get the most out of their body."

Josh Cox,Four-time US Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier

I just wanted to send an email thanking you for making The Stick. I am a physical therapist, and see a wide variety of patients with musculoskeletal problems. We have a group of four patients in the clinic right now who used our Stick in the clinic and then went out and bought one of their own. We have found it particularly effective in helping post-surgery for the hip and knee. We have a ton of other athletes who also use it daily. Thanks again, and we will continue to spread the word about your product because it makes such a difference with our patients! - Spartanburg West Side
Proaxis Therapy, Don't Just Recover. Conquer.

Matt Anderson,PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

The Stick – best recovery & injury tool on the market. Over the years I have found no better tool for recovery and injury prevention than The Stick. The sheer distances and expedition nature encountered in adventure racing require ‘active’ recovery, and in five minutes I can flush out my muscles and restore natural, loose biomechnics. I’ll sure be happy to have The Stick in my gear bin when I encounter the 100,000 feet of elevation at Primal Quest this year.

Jared Hanley,Team Kagome – Eugene, OR USA

About two months ago I purchased The Stick Pro Package after borrowing The Stick (model: Sprinter Stick) from a co-worker. I had experienced a left calf strain with subsequent muscle tightness/knot and received excellent relief/rehab of the calf from The Stick I borrowed.

I am a Registered Nurse that works the 12 hour night shift in the Emergency Dept. at St. Mary's Hospital/Mayo Healthcare, Rochester, MN. I carry The Stick pro products in my back pack to work. I have had numerous co-workers (RNs, MDs, Nursing Assistants, Medical support staff) try The Stick items and have many of them convinced to purchase The Stick, or related item, due to the positive results they have received. Just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with The Stick Products and that many employees of the famous Mayo Clinic are probably going to be purchasing The Stick Product(s) as well...

Jonathan S., RN,Best product ever!

Hi there, I just wanted to send you this message in appreciation of the product you guys have made. I have had severe tendonitis for several years and had so much troubles dealing with it. I started using the stick and noticed that I had some very intense knots in my legs. After a week of rolling out my legs everyday, all those knots are gone and the pain of my tendonitis has almost vanished completely. I am so grateful that you guys made this product as I am using it everyday. It has really changed my life as I can now play volleyball in peace! I let a couple of my friends try and they instantly bought one as well. Keep up the great work!


“I bought your Body Stick back in year 2000 or 2001 when your exhibition stand visited the UK London Marathon ‘pre-event’ at the London Arena on the Isle of Dogs. I have used it almost daily since and it still works just as new. I thought I’d write to tell you “there can’t be many products you buy today that are as good 15 or 16 years later as when new”.

Stuart Patterson,UK

Hello Stick expo team,
I meet you at the above race expo the day before the race. I bought a stick and a foot wheel because I was having terrible plantar fascia problems. Anyways, you asked me to contact you after the race and let you know how it went. Well, I had no PAIN what so ever and that has not happened in over 2 months. It felt great during the race and after until I came home without my Stick and FootWheel. I left them at my brothers place by mistake and it has been over 2 weeks since I have had them and I am in so much pain it is not funny. Well the good the news is I just got my stuff back and it is already feeling better just rolling it for 5-10 minutes already. I was a total disbeliever but not anymore!!! I can and will not live without these items every again. I am hoping to continue to use them just 5-10 minutes before and after running and never having pain again in my foot. You made a true believe out of me and I have been telling everyone I know how it helped me. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE RELIEF.

Terri Kearns,

The Stick for Calf Pull – works wonderfully! The Stick really works! I had a calf pull which I reinjured every couple of weeks, keeping me from running entirely. Three days before the race, almost resigning to not starting the NYC Marathon after 27 consecutive starts, you sold me the small stick and said to carry it throughout the race, and stop every 2 miles to roll out the calf. It worked! I was elated to finish and keep my streak alive!! Thanks very much!! It is much better than stretching, and I tell all my runner friends to get it! After running shoes, The Stick is the most important thing you need!

Peter Phillips,NYC, NY USA

My name is Dave Walters and I have been running marathons for the past 45 years. This year (2015) I finished first in my Age Group (60-64) at the Paris Marathon (2:44), first at the Chicago Marathon (2:45), and first at the NYC Marathon (2:47). I have been using The Stick products for 11 years now and have found them to be indispensable pieces of equipment that keep me loose and flexible. They stimulate circulation and allow me greater flexibility on my runs. They allow me to minimize pre run static stretching. The Hybrid Stick as well as The Pet Stick have recently become my favorites as they allow me to dig deep into the gastroc and soleus muscles in my calf which minimizes cramping. I carry the Sprinter Stick in my suitcase for 'sticking' while I travel to stimulate lower leg blood flow and fend off DVT.

I truly believe in The Stick products and gladly endorse them. I attribute the success that I have had in running recently in part to my avid use of The Stick!!

Dave Walters,US elite grandmasters runner & 777 captain

I have been fighting IT Band problems for months, tried everything from stretching to compression straps to foam rollers, and nothing. The results I got with your product in two days were amazing, best $35 I have ever spent. Definitely a must have for any runner.
Thanks for the great product and making my first marathon much less painful.


Dear Patrick,
I would like to share my thoughts about how valuable The Stick has been to me as a runner. It was over 20 years ago when we first met at the River Rumble in Maryland and it seems like yesterday. We struck up a conversation and I looked like a willing victim and I allowed you to roll what I called a device over my calf muscle and yes I can recall the “pain”. I had thought that I had calves which were not tight but you proved me wrong. You only rolled out one calf because I would not let you do the other. I immediately felt the difference. It was a good relief in realizing that something so simple could have the effect it did.
The Stick has been a main stay in my life and I keep two (one in my running bag and another in the closet at home). I find that not only do I roll out before and after a run I use it on days off either in the morning or at night. The only basic rule is only use it on muscles. There are no manuals which you need to read and its “ready to use”. I have lost count on how many people I have recommended it to and not one has come back and said it was a mistake.
The problem areas I had was calves and hamstrings and that is all behind me as I continue to use The Stick in those areas. I am not well versed in all of the medical terms and to list the benefits and the people I associate with are not training for the Olympics but who just want to stay in shape and remain injury-free. The Stick provides preventive measures that will keep you out of the therapist’s office. The results are immediate and you can experience the benefits and need not wait a few days. You can take The Stick anywhere. I have had my co-workers who often want to use it but a word of caution make sure they don’t keep it.
There is one thing to keep in mind that the product is not just for runners but for anyone who has stiff or sore muscles. There is a solution.
Some people don’t leave home without a certain credit card but I make sure I don’t leave home without The Stick. The objective to “keep running” and “keep rolling”.

George Banker,Stay healthy and run well. - “Marine Corps Marathon A Running Tradition” 2011 Marine Corps Marathon Hall of Fame 105 Marathons and still counting

AMAZING! After 4 months of being off my feet from tight calves and soleus, The Stick was put to the test and passed with flying colors as I cruised to a pain free 1:19 Half Marathon at the Indy Mini. Here's to you and The Stick making a complete believer out of me. I look forward to traveling and training with my new personal massage therapist. Clearly The Stick is one of my best and most invaluable pieces of training equipment.

Chuck "Marathonjunkie" Engle,

I'm pretty sure you are the guy we met at the 2005 Honolulu Marathon when we bought all The Stick stuff. My father, Riley, ran in the same events that you ran in the Kentucky area back in the '90s and brought us over to meet you.
Anyway, to the point. My husband, Wayne, started using The Stick immediately on his calf muscles and surprised all of us by finishing the Marathon - an hour and a half before me - when none of us, including Wayne, thought that he'd make it past 6 miles. He did what you told him, using it several times a day for the few days we were there before the event. Since that time he has not had any calf pain at all.
In fact, we take the red handled Travel stick with us everywhere, camping, traveling, anytime we are going to be in a car for a long time. I guess we are "Stick fanatics"
I just made an online purchase of more Sticks to give as presents (I buy Christmas presents in August). Ironically, my father has yet to buy a Stick....guess what he is getting for Christmas!?!
Just another happy customer and wanted to tell you about it.

Sharon Elaine Hodges,Goodyear, AZ

I heard about you back in 1999 at the California international marathon. Been using The Marathon Stick ever since... same one.
My husband has recently discovered the benefits and prefers it above the foam rollers... He wants one to have at work (he's also military) so I'm shopping for his birthday present with you!

Thank you for honoring our service members, that's super awesome of you!

Amanda Hamby,

I just wanted to share a quick story with you. I was a volunteer and pacer at this weekend's Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Trail Run in Huntsville Tx.
I carry my Stick to every run with me and I was so glad that I had it this time.
While volunteering at an aide station I had a 79 year old man come in and say he was hurting. I told him I had my Stick and I could "roll" him out if he wanted. He crawled on top of the picnic table and let me roll out his back. Before I finished I had a line of runners waiting to use my Stick.
My Stick was well utilized during my 8 hours at the aid station and again at the finish line. Each runner that used it was so very happy.
I wanted to let you know that I loved being able to share my Stick. Now that I'm home and finished with my own 40 mile run I am so happy to have my Stick.
I love you guys!

Fawn Simpson,26.2 Been There Run That

I met your Stickteam at London's Excel Centre during Saturday's registration for the Flora London Marathon and you demonstrated The Stick to me.

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to The Stick, I completed the marathon. I'm 55, my last marathon was 25 years ago and since March have been dogged by calf, thigh and groin problems. I have been having intensive deep tissue massages to try and solve the problems and it’s cost me a small fortune. Despite all of that I still didn't think I would make it past the 4 mile marker.

I was still a bit sore the morning I stumbled across your stand at the Excel show. Just a few minutes with the Stick made me realize I had to have one. I used the Stick the evening before the marathon and just before the race itself and I felt more confident about the day.

Suffice to say, the Stick has been a revelation. I wish I had discovered it months ago. Maybe now I will finally rid myself of all my leg problems and get some decent times in again.

Thanks for your valuable tips and advice.

Henry Allcock,

My name is Ian Smith and I am getting ready for a Tour of Duty with the navy. I want to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed your products. I am in to fitness and the evolution of it with the incorporation of new ideas like yours. I am not writing this for a hand out more like a I love your products and would like to share them with my crew.
On board the ship it is hard to stay in shape outside of running and pushups. We don't have a lot of room and your products are just the right things to keep us in the fight so to speak without taking up a ton of room and with limited space I think it would be your product that is a must have on board.
Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

Ian Smith,USN

I live in St. Paul, MN and I am an avid runner who is currently training for a marathon in June. Recently I have been struggling with leg soreness and stiffness - clearly Lactic acid build-up as I am hitting 70+ miles per week. I was considering purchasing the Stick today, April 13, 2009. At 2:00PM CST I purchased the standard size at The Running Room. It's now 3:41 PM and I haven't felt this AWESOME in weeks. My legs are ready to run again and there is no soreness, aches, pains, stiffness...it's a miracle! No, it's just a great product...thank you!

As I ran home with it I really felt that this was going to be life changing and I was right.

Thanks again!

Jared Powell,St. Paul, MN

I just wanted to tell you that I got my first Intracell Stick about 25 years ago from my chiropractor, Connie Bohr. It was a prototype. Because of The Stick I have been able to control all of my back pain for all these years and I haven't seen Connie is forever it seems.
Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 anal cancer. I went through radiation and chemotherapy and am now cancer free. The radiation therapy left me with lymphodemia in my ankles. I went to a lymphodemologist and was told that the condition would be lifelong and the only thing I could do was light massages with my hands and wear these horrible compression stockings. My radiation oncologist concurred that it would be with me always.
This past August I was at the Atlanta dog show and saw your booth. I talked with the man there and remembered my stick. I also bought one of your new models with the nice padded handles and one for my pet. I also bought the foot wheel! I haven't been using them regularly enough I'll admit but my lymphodemia is completely gone!
Just thought you would like to know.

Karen B.,Cumming, GA

I have received “The Stick,” and it has really done the trick . My shin splints are gone.
I have had a lot of other basketball officials wanting to know more about “The Stick.”I think I have sold at least three Sticks just by letting other officials use it during our pre game conference.

Nathan T. Quick,

I bought "The Stick" a few months ago, after being referred by a friend.
I have to compliment your fine company for this product, as it has quickly become a major part of my morning ritual before stretching. I haven't felt this "pain free" in some time and I have even gotten a few of my coworkers using it as well. Who would have thought that something like The Stick could improve or even in some cases remove the pain from your legs and back.

Thanks for "The Stick" and thanks for the military discount via shipping, it’s appreciated greatly.
Keep up the great work!

SGT John Zonker,Fort Lewis Washington

I just wanted you to know how much the Stick has made a difference for the muscle cramps I have had to deal with as a drummer for years now. The day I started using The Stick on my calves and upper legs, I have not had one problem since. I would highly recommend this to any drummer who suffered leg cramps like I have over the years.

Shawn Drover,

Thank you for finally making this. My calves have cramped for years and I've never been able to stretch them right. I've tried kneading and I've tried using Nalgene bottles for self-myofascial release, but it wasn't nearly effective enough.
I tried The Stick once at practice and my legs were more limber and explosive than they've ever been in my life. Needless to say I bought one that night and have encouraged my friends to do the same.

Thanks to you and your company for creating this.

Stephen Oleski,

I purchased a Stick at one of the larger marathons that I ran a few years ago. It was the smallest one that you made at the time and I've always used it before and after a long run.
I just completed the Des Moines marathon on Sunday. At about 11 miles the outside of my knee became extremely painful (nothing that had happed in training). I stopped for the 4th time to rub my leg out and my son came out of nowhere holding that Stick. I continued on the run carrying your great product, stopping 5-8 times to roll out the outside of my leg. I finished the marathon with a PR of 3:45:50, qualifying me for Boston (I'm 47 years old). I would have never finished that marathon without my Stick.
Thanks for making such a swell product and for being at that marathon expo....where ever it was.

Christine Moen,

I received an email stating that you were shipping my devices to me via USPS and waiving the shipping for military members. It is not often that I receive such attention from a small order, but I do appreciate your concern for treating customers in a professional manner. Your timely and positive response sends me a strong message about your customer service. Many small and large companies could take lessons from your response to me as a customer. Thanks again for your assistance with the shipping of my order.

LTC Ray Langdale,US Army Corps of Engineers

One word: AMAZING!!!
I was toying with the idea for several months about getting it because I thought stretching alone was going to do it. Then I went to an expo in Memphis for the Memphis marathon and a gentleman who knew my brother, Lance (who went to Belmont University) had a booth. He coached the track team at Belmont and they would blow us away (machines I tell ya) so what ever he was selling I wanted to know about it. A chiropractor's creation and I firmly believe in chiropractors. Well, no kudos to me for buying, but I did think about it- heavily.
I bought it at the next expo, Dallas marathon. Let's just say, duh. My marathon time went from 4:08 to 3:48 in 6 months. Hello! If I don't stick my time is awful. If I stick, my time beats my last time. I stick and stretch but my warm up time has decreased b/c I am sticking on the way to the race and stick when I get out. People look at me funny but they don't look at me funny when they see how strong I am running.
I have told everyone, strangers who find out I run marathons each month and they say," I am stiff or I need this". I say- this cuts down on your time, this makes your soreness go away. I let people borrow it for a few days, they give it back and they have ordered one for themselves. It travels well and I never leave home without it. I have the basic $24 one but I have sold more people on it b/c it works. Everyone needs it even the ones tied to their desk.
I'm an athlete and they listen but when they try it for the first time right there and see how easy it is, they are amazed too. Thanks for keeping it simple.

Awesome job,

Tracy Knight,

Just want you to know how successful I was in dealing with my arm lymphedema, after cancer surgeries and radiation, by using your stick for relief.

I had mild lymphedema in my right arm after breast cancer treatments 12 years ago. Lymph node removal left that arm weak and susceptible to infection with the slowed lymph flow. A few years ago I noticed new heaviness and pain in that arm after new minor surgery and went to the Lymphedma Clinic in my hospital to learn 'wrap' treatments to try to help the sluggish lymph fluid building up in my hand and lower arm to return to the upper arm and body. The learning and wrapping of my arm was painstaking - I never could learn the proper technique and was exhausted with all the wraps and tapes and heavy materials I was supposed to use, and massage never gave any lasting relief either.

I then thought to use the green handled Stick we had gotten at a Boston Marathon Expo (my husband is a runner) on my arm for some reason and felt immediate relief of the heaviness and pain. I incorporated some of the ideas I learned from the Lymphedema Clinic, such as raising my arm and using finger to lower arm, then lower to upper arm, then upper arm to shoulder and back strokes, using gentle pressure over all sides of my hand and arm. To my surprise, the relief lasted and each time I felt any heaviness or pain return, the Stick did not fail to work for me.

I know this may be a long letter, but I have often thought that many other people with arm or leg or other types of lymphedema could be helped by The Stick - BEFORE any swelling sets in that may become disabling.
Soon after lymph removal surgeries the gentle techniques of using The Stick could help many cancer and other patients. Doctors should be informed of its wonders and I feel breast cancer patients especially could benefit.

I sent away for the red handled version which is much easier and lighter to use and it fits into small suitcases (and large pocketbooks!) easily.

Please let me know if you have any questions - I think this could help so many other people.

P.S. I am doing very well now and only rarely find I need to use The Stick lately, always with great success. Thank you again.

Marilyn H.,

“The Stick” was able to get me back into running. The Stick was a truly amazing product with just a few applications my Severe Shin Splint problem was resolving giving me back my ability to run again. I wish I would have found this product sooner.

Michael Stevens,Cincinnati, OH US

Heaven Sent. The Stick works wonders for the muscles which work the knees, which have been involved with orthopedic knee surgery. The helpfulness of The Stick was nothing short of amazing in the hands of a physical therapist. I find it unbeliveably helpful. Thank you. Please get the word out! Help others….

Judith Todd-McNichol J.P,Brewster, MA USA

I do search and rescue work with my dog and invariably, people get lost in some horrendous terrain. In trying to stay fit for those 3 day, high-country searches, we do a lot of hiking. Seven years ago, I got plantars fasciitis but changing some activity, it subsided. A couple years ago, doing WII sports, my plantars started twitching. First softball game of the year, rounding second base, I felt it tear and ended up hopping home on one leg.

I tried a lot of different things, but almost every day I was in some pain, hobbling and stiff in the morning to quite bad after hard activities. This last year, it progressed to the point I could only wear hiking boots or tennis shoes – which look funny at the lake but forget about going barefoot. I still went on searches, just accepting the next day was going to be painful.

During that time, my dog and I did a shoot for ‘More’ magazine but every time I see the picture, I know all I’m thinking is how much my foot hurts at that angle!

I was getting a new pair of tennis shoes in July and mentioned to the specialist that I had fasciitis. He said ‘wait there’ and brought The Stick. I thought – ‘here’s how they get you to buy more crap!’ After using it on me, I felt some relief but bought my shoes and headed out. Suddenly, I realized I had no pain in my heel! I spun around and immediately bought one and threw it in the suitcase for the walking vacation we were leaving on the next day. What a difference! I honestly had the thought ‘omg, I can walk again!’

I am now mostly pain free. I can wear cute sandals and even go barefoot again. I never go anywhere without The Stick, including carrying it in my backpack on a long trip even though we all go very light. Had to have it, forget the chocolate…

I think of The Stick as my miracle. Because, omg, I can walk again.

Cal (Colleen) Kelley,Redwood City, CA USA

Doc said there was nothing wrong with my ankle. I was training for a marathon when I rolled my ankle on a tree root camoflauged by shadows from the branches. I rolled my ankle pretty severely but I’m flexible as well as hard headed. I continued running that day for another mile, iced it for a week after each run and ignored swelling or pain until it just went away.

After the marathon, I stopped running for a month. When I began working out an running again, I would get a sharp pain that started in my ankle and shot upward. I saw an orthopedic who took an MRI and said there was no damage to my ankle and his only suggestion was rest. He also said my ankle sprain from 3 months prior was unrelated.

I decided to see Dr Leo Grim who intuitively wondered if I did some damage to the outer muscles of my lower leg. He used The Stick agressively. The next day I had spotty bruising on my leg in that area. We continued to loosed up those muscles using The Stick and worked on strengthening exercise for my ankle concurrently.

I’ve had no problems with my ankle ever since.

My boyfriend sprained his wrist and we used the same theory to fix his wrist after the doctors said there was nothing wrong and PT would be pointless.

I think The Stick should start a campaign to educate doctors on these effective methods of rehab!

PS – I studied sports medicine in college and worked with many teams. I wish I knew about The Stick back then. I sincerely believe all athletes should use The Stick. I also believe there are many applications for The Stick in the realm of rehabilitation of muscles.

Susan Gonzales,Houston, TX USA

It Works! After going through the same tiring, depressing cycle of getting calf strains/pulls every year for the last 4 years, I “stumbled” on an article on an internet runners site. I thought to myself, what the heck, I’m willing to try anything at this point! I was at the point where I was actually afraid to exert myself 100% to chase down a fly ball or extend a double to a triple. Many of you know the routine – no matter how much I trained, stretched or soaked in the spa, I never knew when “it” would pop. I would just go about my business as usual and when (not if) it occurred, I’d suffer through it like always. I’m sure my teammates were at the point of expecting the pull as much as I was, lol.

I am here to tell you, this thing works! I purchased my Sprinter model Stick after suffering yet another strain. After 1 week of use, the pain was gone and I was back in the field. After 2 weeks, no more trigger points could be felt, and more importantly, I truly feel that I can go ALL OUT 100% without fear! Even more surprising is the fact that I don’t spend 20 minutes jogging and stretching like I used to, now maybe just 5 minutes of jogging and very, very little stretching. Doctors, friends and training articles kept harping on me to stretch more – B.S.! This simple device has made a HUGE impact in the way I now approach my training. It is a MUST HAVE for any athlete that runs. 🙂


Arthur Springfield,MO USA

No gimmick. I ran into The Stick at the SF marathon in 2005 at the stands before the marathon. I laughed at the salesman who was showing my friend and I the stick. We both thought it could work, but really just thought it was a gimmick.

In 2007, I hurt my back through cycling and tennis. Poor position on the saddle, and a poor tennis swing created a spot so tight in my back I stopped cycling for about a year. The doctor told me to ice and take Ibuprofen—did not work.

In 2008, I went to the SF marathon, and found The Stick stand. I bought a stick hoping it could work. Only a hand full of sessions of a couple of minutes release something in my back, and I got back on the bike—it worked!

The Stick lives on my desk where it is visible in case I need it for headaches that start in my back. My back rarely tightens, but when it does, it is never a concern since The Stick always relieves all the discomfort.

I have the stiffer model with the red handles. Try it if you have not, it is not only for athletes. I recommend this to office workers who may suffer from upper, and lower back pain.

Giovanni Mejia,Richmond, CA USA

Love The Stick!! I trained to run my first marathon. During the last few weeks I would get a pain from my buttocks down my leg. Traveling in a car could get uncomfortable. We drove to Chicago (6-7 hour ride) two days prior to race and I had to keep moving around. While at the expo with my nephew who was also running the race, he said he was going to get rolled. I had no idea what he was talking about but followed him. I started playing around with one of the Sticks and one of your workers asked me if I was having any specific problems. So I told her about the pain down my leg and she had me lay down and explained what to do. She rolled out my leg/ hip and I thought it felt pretty good. I found out the next day during the race how good it was ! It didn’t bother me at all and the car ride home was much better even after completing my 26.2 miles. I bought one and have used it faithfully since. It’s the first thing I recommend to other athletes when they talk about soreness etc… I have been meaning to write and tell you how much I love your product!

Brenda Swan,North East, PA USA

Miracle therapy. I first met Patrick at a scrub store in Vancouver. I told his wife I had Fibromyalgia and she was sure she knew something that could help me. She did not give me any details but assured me help was on the way. Later her husband, Patrick, came to the store. He had a long, white stick with rollers and demoed it on me. I was sold! I bought it right out of his hands and have used it now for four years. My husband uses it daily and both of us could not manage without it. My husband is a computer engineer and I am a retired hospice nurse turned quilter and we could not do our jobs without “The Stick”. I recommend them to any and everyone with any type of muscle pain or needing therapy for muscle tension, especially Fibromyalgia. It has literally saved us thousands in medical and pharmacy bills. WE LOVE OUR STICK!

Linda Baker,Vancouver, WA USA

This thing is awesome!!!! I am a runner, and my legs constantly need massaging, “The Stick” gets the tough spots and my legs feel awesome!!! I have the “Sprinter” model, and not only do I use it on my legs (gets the kinks out of calves and I.T band like nothing else) but I can also use it on my neck, back, and arms. Best invention ever!!!! Thank you!!!

Shawna,San Diego, CA USA

Great product, great results. I met someone who was using The Stick at a basketball officials camp a few years ago, ended up ordering the Big and the Travel Stick, and haven’t been able to put it down since. I don’t leave home without one or the other. I took the Big Stick home to visit my now 92 year old grandmother, showed her how to use it, and I ended up leaving it with her. She absolutely loves it and uses it often. Thanks for an awesome product.

Warren Smith,Aurora, CO USA

More, more, more. I took my 11-yr old, cancer survivor, three-legged golden retriever to a pet expo and was snagged by “The Stick” vendor. For the next 30 minutes Kodiak (dog) got the best massage of his life and drew the biggest crowd with his tail-wagging rolling and moaning. He sounded like a bear when it rubs up against a tree. SOLD! We use it at least twice a day – every time I pause he ‘woofs’ for more. My husband and I use it to loosen up muscles after workouts. The Pet Stick is smaller but great for calves and working in small motions. I think I’ll shop the larger ones for someones christmas stocking. I’ve calmed the neighbors puppy and shared with lots of others in our pet volunteer organization. Can’t wait to tell the vet. Love anything that can extend my pups life and I think this can – Thanks!

Tricia & Kodiak,Fairfax Station, VA USA

Miraculous. I received The Stick two weeks ago after reading John Parker’s article. After being laid up for two months with a calf heart attack, I was jogging within three days and am now up to 40 minutes continuous time the past two days. Wholeheartedly recommend this product for those with a calf heart attack.

Larry Dean,Orland, ME USA

Keeps me running. The last three years I have had achilles tendonitis by August after running summer races. I would have to stop running each time to heal. This year I had the stick. 5 times a day on the calves. The tendonitis disappeared and the calf tightness has been cut in half. More importantly, I was able to keep running. I just ordered The Pro System.

K. Sunseri,Cedar Rapids, IA USA

I absolutely LOVE The Stick! I am a ballet dancer and immediately fell in love with The Stick. It really helps relax my sore muscles at the start of a full day of dancing, and now I can not go a day without using The Stick! My flexibility and mobility have increased from using The Stick on a daily basis because it literally works as a massage on tough places that are always tight, for example, my IT band. Not to mention it feels amazing because you can feel all of the tiny knots being released in your muscles as it works. I would recommend this wonderful tool to any athlete or dancer, and it will not let you down!

Lauren S. Nashville,TN USA

One of my best purchases ever! I’ve been fit all my life but not pain-free. I have incorporated a regular massage as part of my healthy habits. I should probably get one at least once a week but who can afford the cost? Stretching has helped but not completely. add to that many injuries throughput the years and the fact that I don’t know when to quit. i am 52 now. I guess my muscle type requires a lot of maintenace. The price for being quick and fast… maybe. This product has changed all that for me. I can truly say that my pains are almost all gone after only one week of use! Let’s hope the trend continues. i actually feel i don’t need any other form of warm up before tennis, basketball, soccer, or whatever.

Manes Eliacin,Ronkonkoma, NY USA

Help for golfers, too! After checking if it was legal to carry in my bag during a USGA sponsored tournament, I carried it and as my legs, back started to tire, I start to use it. Incredibly, it felt like I did when I started the round….fresh both mentally and physically. Thanks, Patrick, for the help and hope to see you in the winners circle at some tournament that I play in. I will definitely tell my playing partners about “The Stick”…..only after the round.


Great tool to have before and after the race THANK YOU!!! I love this thing!! Last year my race caused me to limp and groan from sore muscles. This year, my family and I bought The Stick at the expo. I used The Stick the night before my race to losen my hamstrings and calves, the next day to relieve my quads after the 1/2 marathon. What a difference it made the next day. I can highly recommend this. Plus you can use it without help from anyone else. What more could you ask for?

C. Smith,Prescott, AZ USA

All Hail the Stick – Wow! The Stick is for Stiffs. The Stick works on those stiff muscles and ones you forgot you had.

My marathon time went from 4:08 (my first marathon in June - San Diego) to 3:48 in 6 months (St.Jude Marathon in December) b/c I incorporated The Stick before and after my runs.

Tracy,San Diego, CA USA

The Stick works wonders. My chiropractor used The Stick on my back. I have scoliocis and I have chronic pain - but after a few strokes my upper back feels so much better.

John Morales,Nolanville, TX USA

Racing 52 Marathons in 2006. My use of The Stick has been integral in maintaining my basic health and leg longevity throughout running 52 marathons in 2006.

Dane Rauschenberg,Washington DC, DC USA

Simple and effective. I’ve struggled with a tight IT band on one leg for a number of years. I have been used to higher levels of activity (running/biking/swimming) and this limited me to enjoying running longer distances. During the Expo at the Chicago Triathlon, I bought The Stick. I haven’t had any IT band issues since using The Stick – thanks for the help!

D.Cook,ON Canada

The Stick is Great. I have been using The Stick for a number of years and own about 4 of the different models. I would never dream of going to a marathon or any travel without it – it can save a life before and after a race. Keep up the good work – and I’ll see you at the expos.

Bev Victory,Bellaire, TX USA

My horses LOVE The Stick!! Thank you so much for designing such a wonderful product. I am a barrel racer and the strain barrel racing puts on a horses body is significant. I am always trying to find ways to help my horses stay pain free. I give my horses a massage before and after I compete on them. It really helps them to stay limber and work their body soreness out after a run. Thanks again.

Shannon Gattis,Ratcliff, AR USA

Amazing. Ever since using The Stick my legs have never felt fresher and the amount of injuries have dropped astronomically!!! It in many ways prolonged and saved my Figure Skating career!!!

Jason Wong,Boston, MA USA

Personal Training. I use The Stick myself and show it to interested clients. I stress the value and importance of stretching and flexibility. I find using The Stick before and after vigorous activity really makes a difference.

Mark Church,MA USA

This is great!!! The Stick has helped me to start training again.

Bill Grant,Birmingham, AL USA

The Stick really works! Just before the 2008 NYC Marathon, I had a calf pull which I reinjured every couple of weeks, keeping me from running entirely. Three days before the race, almost resigning to not starting the NYC Marathon after 27 consecutive starts, you sold me the small stick and said to carry it throughout the race, and stop every 2 miles to roll out the calf. It worked! I was elated to finish and keep my streak alive!! Thanks very much!! It is much better than stretching, and I tell all my runner friends to get it! After running shoes, The Stick is the most important thing you need!

Peter Phillips,

The Stick is the only body tool I have ever recommended for use on the calf of an elite athlete.

Bob Anderson
,Author of Bestseller - Stretching

I would recommend The Stick to all athletes.

Phil Jackson
,Legendary NBA Coach

This simple Stick concept will change the future of sports by allowing the athlete to train harder and more frequently.

Norm Miller,Strength coach – Olympic Bobsled Team

Our athletes use The Stick to get the most out of their training, prevent injury and optimize their performance. You should too.

Loren Seagrave
,Sprint and Hurdle Events, IAAF Level II World Coaching – Education Program