The Stick in the Media

The Stick in the Media

Posted On 10 Nov, 2014 - By Greg Magnus - With 0 Comments

SOURCES: Queens Chronicle and Brooklyn Fans:

In my opinion, the most important booth at the Marathon Expo didn’t belong to an apparel manufacturer but rather to Atlanta-based Intracell Technology, which was selling “The Stick” ( The company’s motto is that “The Stick is like a toothbrush for your muscles.”

The Stick is a rod composed of various circular beads that massage the iliotibial (better known as simply “IT”) band of the leg. The IT band is the ligament that runs along the outside of the thigh from the hip down to the shin. It easily gets sore and painful with even a minimal amount of everyday wear and tear, let alone exercise. The Stick massages that area and improves circulation, which greatly reduces pain.

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