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“The Stick is used by serious athletes to loosen barrier trigger points.”

Editor’s Note: “This is truly my favorite training product of all time!”

“The Stick is a good way to prevent muscle injuries.”

“The Intracell increases circulation to sore muscles. It is easy to use and aids in the management of painful trigger points.”

“The Stick has worked wonders relaxing tight hamstrings — and trigger points in my hips and lower back.”Jonathan Beverly

“An objective way to identify and treat trigger points is by using a roller device called The Stick.”

“The Stick delivers painless myofascial release and trigger point therapy.”

“The purpose of The Stick is to increase flexibility, enhance blood flow, and to break up trigger points.”

“The Stick makes your muscles feel better in seconds.”

“The Stick helps you increase muscle performance.”

“The Stick stretches muscles & relieves back pain without putting stress on joints.”

“The Stick greatly facilitates blood flow — buy it tomorrow if you don’t already own one.”

“Carry The Stick with you for on-the-spot muscle management.”

“The Stick was far and away the biggest hit of the Interbike trade show.”

“The Stick molds to any body type to help roll out muscle knots.”

“The Stick prevents injuries and hastens recovery time.”

Reviewed by the Sports Medicine Council of British Columbia

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