How to Choose?

Which Stick is the perfect choice for you?
Choosing the right Stick depends on your preferences and body type. Actually, it is easy to choose. To help you make the selection easy and painless here are a few guidelines.

The Sticks differ in:

  • Length (short, medium, long)

  • Flexibility (firm, standard, flexible)

What length should I buy?
Short Stick
- Little Stick, Travel Stick, Sprinter Stick, Marathon Stick

The Short Sticks are purchased for the following reasons: portability, primary use is on the legs, or when you or someone else will be using TheStick on another individual.

Medium Stick
- Stiff Stick, Hybrid Stick, Body Stick

The Medium Sticks are purchased for all over body use and all major muscle groups, either by yourself or with another. For those individuals shorter than 5'10" a medium Stick works well. For those individuals taller than 5'10" who are very flexible, the medium Sticks also work.

Long Stick
- Big Stick, Power Stick, Flex Stick

For those taller than 5'10" a long Stick is best suited. It will also work well for those who are shorter than 5'10" but lack flexibility.

What flexibility works best for me?
Firm Sticks
- Big Stick, Stiff Stick, Sprinter Stick

The firm Sticks allow you to provide deeper pressure to your muscles. They are most appropriate for more muscular physiques, larger individuals, or those who prefer deep pressure massages.

  • Weightlifters

  • Athletes with large muscles such as football players, and

  • Those that enjoy a deep pressure muscle massage.

Flexible Sticks
- Flex Stick, Hybrid Stick, Marathon Stick

The flexible Sticks are for those with less muscle mass or those that prefer light massage.

  • Thin individuals (kids, young teenagers, seniors)

  • Some people just prefer a lighter pressure muscle massage so they choose one of the flexible Sticks.

Standard Sticks
- Power Stick, Body Stick, Travel Stick, Little Stick

Somewhat inbetween the firm and flexible Sticks are the standard models. Based on customer feedback, the following generally prefer the standard Sticks:

  • Individuals with a moderately increased body mass tend to like the Power Stick.

  • Many individuals with an average build tend to like the Original Body Stick and/or the Travel Stick.

  • Many bicycle riders like the Travel Stick. It was popularized by the U.S. Cycling Team for use on the lower limbs.

PLEASE NOTE: Depth of massage and preference of pressure can simply be modified by placing your hands closer together on the spindles. See our catagories for specific uses and most popular sticks for those areas.

Should you still have questions about which Stick is the best for you, please email us and we will gladly have an answer for you (as soon as possible; generally within 24 hours).

Official Information Site
Are you looking for videos, techniques, or instructions? Visit The Stick's Official Information site for additional resources: The Stick Official Information Site.


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